This Is Our Story

Companies rely on accurate Big Data. Our dedicated team of data scientists and mathematicians use the latest machine learning technologies to develop proprietary algorithms that allow us to become a global partner for competitive intelligence in the mobile communications industry.

Pricelens is an intuitive and speedy way of processing all necessary information in your business field that empowers you to:

  • • React quickly to all market changes and stay competitive
  • • Plan and coordinate efficiently with departments
  • • Save time on manual search and compilation of big data or small chunks of it
  • • Unlock creativity and true dedication to key priorities and talents

Pricelens was developed as a telecom-specialized proprietary technology of is a high-quality pricing intelligence and analytics solution that help electronics businesses achieve efficient sales and profitable growth. is the topmost business intelligence software for online pricing of electronics. It enables you to have a proactive approach and build your optimal product-price mix.

  • lg
  • asus
  • mediamarkt
  • alcatel
  • euronics
  • lenovo
Pricelens is your advantage in the Telecom Industry
  • • In 2016 Pricelens emerged as a client’s need and development started.
  • • In 2017, the product was launched on the market and implemented in the first three telecoms
  • • From 2018 Pricelens has been upgraded and ready to take on new frontiers, ensuring smart productivity in the Telco industry.

Our growing team of high-class software engineers, project managers, and business developers can support your company’s growth

Here is how you can benefit:
  • • Our team can help identify if Pricelens is a fit for your Telecom.
  • • Get a custom quote based on your company’s needs.
  • • If you are migrating from another solution, we can support you get through the process.
  • • Curious about an integration? We can be of use through implementation.

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